Pool Etiquette

For most people, pool is a game that is played for fun and enjoyment. A little pool etiquette can go a long way towards ensuring that everyone has a good time and no fights or arguments break out.

I am not a graduate of charm school nor an expert on human relations, but I think the following pool etiquette tips can help keep the peace in the bar or club. Some bars can be a rowdy place to play pool, especially when the alcohol has been flowing freely.

The following pool etiquette tips apply wherever you play. Most are just common courtesy and common sense -

• Display good sportsmanship at all times. Gamesmanship and intimidation are unnecessary and unwanted.
• Avoid loud talking or making noise when someone is down on a shot. Good pool playing requires concentration and concentration requires as little noise and distraction as possible.
• Don’t comment on a shot when an opponent is about to play. It’s off-putting at best and it could be deemed as coaching at worst.
• Don't stand by the pocket your opponent is aiming at - this is very distracting. It is best to try to stay completely out of your opponent's field of vision if possible.
• When your turn is over, move away from the pool table to give your opponent free access to inspect the layout of the table.
• Never cheers when an opponent goes in off or accidently fouls. It’s just ban manners and very unsporting.
• Don’t say “do him” or “he doesn’t want it” or “suck his f’ing eyes out” or any of those other common phrases you sometimes hear at Yarmouth or County matches.
• Don’t excessively cheer when a player wins a frame, just shake his hand or pat him on the back and say well played mate or words to that effect.
• Your opponent deserves to be treated with the same dignity that you would expect. Treat people courteously and respectfully