PLEASE - Remember to report your results in a prompt manner.

by TEXT to the phone number on the back of the results card, within 24 hrs of the completion of the match (ie Midnight Friday).

and send the CARD, either by POST or EMAIL to the addresses on the back of the card, within 7 days of the match (ie the following Thursday)

an MMS with a picture of the card satisfies both criteria, but must be received within 24 hrs to comply with the first rule.

if your EMAIL of the card is received within 24hrs, we will accept that as meeting both criteria too - basically if you email or MMS the picture of the card within 24hrs you don't need to Text too, but we have to have THE RESULT COMMUNICATED WITHIN 24 HRS.

If anyone fails to report results correctly from now on (June 6, 2014), sanctions will be handed out in accordance with Rule 5 ii) and Rule 5 iii) of the General Rules:

Summer League 2014 Important Dates 5 years 10 weeks ago

Here are some important dates and info:

Fixture Sheet / Results Cards Pick: THURSDAY 22nd MAY @ CIPPENHAM RBL, from 7.30pm onwards - please send a representative of your team to come and pick up the fixtures sheets and results cards - just come and pick up the info, no meeting


WINTER 13/14 & SUMMER 14 PRESENTATION EVENING: SATURDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2014, £5 Entry, Tell your friends. More details closer to the time.

The details will be updated on the website soon.

Summer format:
2 Halves of 5 frames per fixture.
Toss once for break, alternate breaks.
No player registration but if you play for one team you cannot play for another.
To play in the post season KO tourns a player must have played in AT LEAST 2 (TWO) FIXTURES (not frames but fixtures) in the regular season. Rule 1. iv. in the general rules.

Champion of Champions:
All league Winners + Runners-Up + the 2 best 3rds Qualify for C of C
Final at Cippenham RBL on 28th August

This year, we will be running a plate competition for all teams who do not qualify for the Champion of Champions.

Final at Cippenham RBL on 4th September

Plate Cup Final - Hairy Old Flags Win 5 years 14 weeks ago

Well Done to the Hairy Old Flags for Winning the Winter 13/14 Plate competition.

Final: Hairy Old Flags 7-6 The Vine

In a very even match, with high quality moments from both teams and more swings than in a playground, the Hairy Old Flags triumphed in a deciding 13th frame.

The first 5 frames were taken alternately, giving Flags a 3-2 lead. Flags clinched the 6th frame to hold a 4-2 lead at half time. The Vine vitally took the 7th frame to close the gap, Flags again took a 2 frame lead by winning the 8th. The Vine then mounted a comeback, winning the next 3 frames in a row to lead 6-5. Flags then snatched parity from the jaws of defeat by winning the 12th frame. 6-6.

The 13th and deciding frame was a fitting tribute to the match with some excellent shots from both players, there was a crucial battle for a corner pocket, eventually Flags managed to wrestle the ascendancy away from the Vine and took out a superb clearance to win the frame and match. 7-6.

Pro Cup Balls 5 years 22 weeks ago

The communication from the EPA is that all local leagues, interleagues and counties can now use them for matches. The decision is up to the home team in each match.

i.e Cippenham v Bar H: Cippenham elect to use Pro-Cup balls as they are the home team, Bar H cannot object or have a say in the matter.

Rob can get them at a reduced price of approx £55 - £65 per set

If teams wish to purchase some then they will need to pay the league prior to us giving them the balls.

Christopher Greening 5 years 23 weeks ago

It is with deep regret and sadness that I have to report to the passing away of one of the Renegade pool league's competitors - Christopher Greening.

Christopher had been a long serving and stalwart member of the WAMDSAD/Sportsable pool teams. He was a passionate pool player and enjoyed his time on the baize very much.

Christopher had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone and would try his best in anything he did. He was a true friend and a great person who will be missed by everyone who knew him. Keith Hance.

Personally, on the few occasions I met Christopher, I can honestly say he was a kind, very amiable chap. It was a pleasure to play against him, his true zest for playing pool was infectious and win or lose he had great humility and respect for his opponents. John Barnett.

Funeral arrangements: Weds 26th Feb, 10.30am at Slough Crematorium, then back to Sportsable for anyone who would like to attend.

If you would like to share any tributes, please use the comments section below. Thanks.

Singles and Doubles Draws 5 years 27 weeks ago

For the full Singles and Doubles draws for winter 2013/14 please go to:

Singles League > Fixtures

or follow this link:

Winter 2013/14 Cup/Plate - Racks Pack Win Cup / Flags Win Plate 5 years 36 weeks ago

The Cup Final was won by Racks Pack , making it a League and Cup double season for them.

Sly Blues 3-7 Racks Pack

The Plate final result:

The Vine 6-7 Hairy Old Flags

The Results the SF of the Cup and Plate are as follows:

Cup SF: Ties played at Cippenham RBL
1. The Swan 3-7 Sly Blues
2. Racks Pack 7 -4 CRBL Wanderers

Plate SF:
1. True Blues 3-7 The Vine
2. Olive Tree 3-7 Hairy Old Flags

The results for the QF of the Cup and Plate are as follows,

Cup QF:
1. The Swan 7-5 Cippenham RBL
2. Racks, Sacks & Cracks 6-7 Sly Blues
3. Racks Pack 7-0 Bar H B
4. Wanderers 7-0 Bar H On Cue

Plate QF:
1. True Blues 7-4 Racks Stabbers
2. Racks Renegades 6-7 The Vine
3. Olive Tree 7-5 NMCC
4. Hairy Old Flags 9-3 The Chestnuts

The results for the first round of the cup to be played over one leg on 5th December, team drawn first at home:

1) True Blues 1-7 Swan
2) CRBL 7-2 Racks Stabbers
3) Racks Renegades 2-7 Racks Sacks and Cracks
4) The Vine 2-7 Sly Blues
5) Olive Tree 4-8 Racks Pack
6) Bar H B 7-6 NMCC
7) Flags 4-7 Wanderers
8) Bar H On Cue 7-0 Chestnuts

The draw for Rd 2 and the plate will be done asap.

The winner of the matches 1,3,5,7 will be at home in Quarter Final (this was drawn out at random for each QF) Semi Finals and Final of Cup to be played at Cippenham RBL.

Teams losing in the first round will go into the plate competition, the draw for which will be done before Christmas in plenty of time for the 9 January fixtures. Plate will be played Home/Away until the final which will then be held at Cippenham RBL.

Cippenham RBL Win Winter 2012/13 Super Cup 5 years 38 weeks ago

Div 1 League Champions Cippenham RBL defeated Cup Winners Wanderers c/o CRBL 7-4 in the Winter 2012/2013 Season Super Cup.

Winter League 13/14 Prelim Cup Draw 5 years 39 weeks ago

Winter League 13/14 Prelim Round Cup Draw is as follows:

Ties to be played on Thursday 24th October (home team listed first)

1) Swan Burnham 7-5 Barley Army
2) Racks Renegades 7-5 Viva L’italia
3) The Rising Sun 0-7 The Vine
4) Hairy Old Flags 7-3 Shamrocks
5) Olive Tree 9-3 NWCA Trojans

One leg to a finish.

WINTER LEAGUE 2013/14 IMPORTANT DATES 5 years 46 weeks ago

Important Dates:-

Winter League Registration Night:- 26th September
AGM & fixture pick up:- 17th October
Winter League start date: 24th October
Captains Cup:- 7th November (Open to all Captains & Vice Captains).