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Jon Ford Wins Singles League KO Cup 5 years 50 weeks ago

Jon Ford beat James Townsend 5-4 in the final of the Singles League KO cup.

Jon started well going 4-1 in front before James battled back to level at 4-4. James had the first chance in the final frame and rattled the black, Jon then cleared to win. Congratulations to Jon and commiserations to James who was awesome throughout the event with some outstanding performances against players a division above him.

Summer 2013 Champion of champions 5 years 50 weeks ago

Irish Hasbeens win champion of champions.

In a very tight and well matched final Irish Hasbeens beat Racks Sack and Crack 6-4.

Irish Hasbeens 6-4 Racks sack and crack

Draw for the Summer 2013 Champion of Champions:

Semi Finals:
Racks Stabbers 2-6 Irish Hasbeens
Cippenham RBL 4-6 Racks, Sack & Crack

Team drawn first at home. Final to be played at Cippenham RBL on 22/08/13

Quarter Finals Results:
1. Racks Stabbers 6-5 Shamrocks
2. Windsor Ex Wanderers 2-6 Irish Hasbeens
3. Cippenham RBL 6-1 True Blues
4. Racks Returnees 2-6 Racks, Sack and Crack.

Hampshire Open 2013 6 years 21 hours ago

As in past years we will be holding a Men’s, Ladies and a Youth event all on Sunday 1st September 2013 at The Academy, Basingstoke. Start times will be staggered as per the attached poster and entry form, if it would be possible for you to place this on your website, or maybe just let your membership know about it at your next county match your help will be much appreciated.

I won’t bore you with all the details but I will point out that all of our additional sponsorship is agreed on 32 entrants so the prize fund is sure to rise, last year our total prize fund for all 3 events and the flyer topped £1,560.00, would be great to give more away this year?

Lastly any of you that would like us to publicise your opens just send us the poster/info and we will do the rest for you in Hampshire.



The new format for the World Championships which has been transmitted on SKY SPORTS last year has received much acclaim from viewers.

Whilst the Individual events won by John Roe and Sue Thompson showed increased viewing figures, it was the introduction of additional televised matches in the men's team championship which has helped to show a new dimension to the sport. In-depth interviews in the televised stages have shown some of the great personalities we have in the championships giving a much better presentation of the individuals and teams involved.

With the 2013 Worlds starting on 23rd June, every country wants a chance to show their players on SKY SPORTS and it is planned to further increase the team coverage for next year.

Of all the games shown, it was the semi-final between Ireland and Scotland which demonstrated the passion shown in the team events in a truly memorable match.

The bottom line is very simple, WEPF have found a new way of showing the game of Pool on television which is exciting to watch and can compete with other major sports.

In addition to the 2013 World Championships being transmitted on SKY SPORTS it is also planned to televise the play-off section of the UK Tour Premier league which will vastly increase the T.V. coverage of the sport and more is planned for 2014. Further details will be issued when finalised in what is an exciting time ahead for the members of the WEPF and World Rules followers.

Other great news from the WEPF is the introduction of new international members from Morocco and Japan both of whom are eager to enter into the world arena and spread the sport into new areas of the globe. New Zealand are returning to the federation whilst our members in South Africa are experiencing a return to their former glory having recently hosted the British Lions in a test series.

Looks like exciting times for World Eightball in the coming years.

Racks Summer Pool KO Tournament 6 years 6 weeks ago

Racks Summer Pool KO Tournament

Sunday 23rd June 2013
Reg. By Saturday 22nd June 10pm
Start 12pm
Entrance Fees: £15
Straight KO With 1st Round Losers Plate
Winner £200*
Runner-up £100*
Losing Semi Finalists £50*
*Subject To Entries*

All matches are best of 13

For Further Information Please See Dylan or James (01628 627732)

Terms & Conditions:
*Prize money is subject to entries. Members will take priority of guests entering tournament, tournament will be played to World Rules. Late arrivals: 1 frame will be lost for every 5 minutes you are late, match will be lost after 35 minutes.

Singles League Money Winners 6 years 7 weeks ago

Congratulations to the following people for winning money in the 2013 Summer League (Feb - May):

Div 1
1 Jon Ford
2 Dylan Leary
3 Rob Walsh

Div 2
1 Kevin Furmston
2 Steve Walton
3 Jim Graham
4 Olly Farrell
5 James Townsend

Div 3
1 Vinny Cuva
2 Steve Barber
3 Tom Sullivan
4 Dean Hardesty
5 Sahib Johal

VIVA L'ITALIA JOIN SECTION C 6 years 7 weeks ago

SECTION C update

We have a new team joining the Summer league - they replace the 'Bye' in SECTION C

Viva L'Italia Restaurant

Prop name: Bobby Amirahmadi
Prop phone: 07949 600 493
Prop email:
Venue address: Viva L\'italia Restaurant
21 London Road
Venue phone: 07949 600 493
Cap name: Bobby Amirahmadi
Cap phone: 07949 600 493
Cap email:

SUMMER LEAGUE 2013 STARTS THURS 30th MAY 6 years 8 weeks ago

RPLS&D Summer 2013 Starts Thursday May 30th

Your wallchart/fixtures can be found in the important docs section:

Section A:
(Shamrocks, Chestnuts, Flags, Wanderers, Sportsable, Bar H C)

Section B:
(Bar H 'B', Racks Stabbers, Crispin, NMCC, True Blues)

Section C:
(Racks Returnees, Racketeers, Irish Hasbeens, Iver RBL, Viva L'italia)

Section D:
(Racks, Sack & Crack, Bar H On Cue, NWCA Trojans, Olive Tree, Cippenham RBL)

Cippenham RBL B Win Plate Final 6 years 14 weeks ago

Congratulations to Cippenham RBL B for winning the Winter 2012/13 Plate Competition.

Cippenham RBL B (now playing out of Racks) beat the Farnham Royal CC (now playing out of Flags) 7-3 in the final of the 2012/13 Winter Plate competition.

FRCC took an early lead with Paul Davies clearing smartly (bad back and all). Unfortunately, it was somewhat downhill for FRCC from there on. CRBL B hit back immediately through Paul Webb. Suki Bassi followed to take a tricky third frame to make it 2-1. Then came the frame the crowd had been waiting for... a mammoth fourth frame (so long I actually lost track of time) one pocket basically had 9 balls covering it and each other. After plenty of fouls and tippety tap, the balls finally cleared, only for the black to be missed, left safe and then after we thought an end was in sight, even more tippety tap on the black.. I think Paul Webb's hair grew back and receded again during the frame... eventually and unfortunately, a mistake settled it, leaving Matt Wheatley with two on the black and he cleared, 3-1 CRBL B. Jon Ashby and Trevor Dias polished off the last two frames of the half to give CRBL B a commanding 5-1 lead at half time.

FRCC then staged a minor comeback with Ian Hoadley taking the seventh frame to make it 5-2, followed up by the rematch we were dreading, this time it wasn't as arduous and Jason Dorrat capitalised to take revenge to make it 5-3. CRBL B captain James Townsend then stepped up to restore CRBL B's control on the tie to make it 6-3. This left Jon Ashby with the chance to finish off the final, which he did in clincial fashion.

Well done to all for making it to the final.