Congratulations Winter League 2012/13 League Winners 6 years 15 weeks ago

Many congratulations go to the league winners of the Winter League 2012/13 divisions. It was an interesting season with too many dramas to mention. Well played to all participants and especially those in league winning teams.

Division 1:
Winners: Cippenham RBL
Runners-Up: Racks Pack

Division 2:
Winners: True Blues
Runners-Up: Bar H On Cue

Division 3:
Winners: Racks Returnees
Runners-Up: NWCA Trojans

Windsor Ex Wanderers Win the 2012/13 Winter Cup 6 years 15 weeks ago

Congratulations to Rob Uzzell and his Windsor Ex Wanderers for winning the 2012/13 Winter Cup competition, beating Racks Pack 7 - 2.

The Final saw the runners-up in Division 1 - Racks Pack pitted against third in Division 1 - Windsor Ex Wanderers.

Windsor Ex Wanderers raced into a 4-0 lead after victories for Alan King, Scott Yardley (who broke and dished), Rob Uzzell and Ann Middleton. Dylan Leary and Jon Ford managed to give Racks Pack a glimmer of hope by taking the final two frames of the first half to leave the Wanderers 4-2 up.

That glimmer, was extinguished by the Wanderers in devastating fashion. The 7th frame saw Brad Robinson break and dish to make it 5-2. The 8th frame saw Alan King play with aplomb to make it 6-2. The 9th frame gave Scott Yardley a chance to win the cup for the Wanderers and he did so in superb fashion with a second break and dish of the evening.

Not much Racks Pack could do against 3 break and dishes!

The pool was a of a very high standard with most frames being won in 2 visits or less, great advert for the top division, well played folks.

Links to Results / Tables / Fixtures / Averages 6 years 19 weeks ago
Interleague KO Champions 2013 - The Renegade Pool League‏ 6 years 23 weeks ago

The Renegade Pool League won the Berkshire Interleague KO cup for the 5th time in the last 10 years ending Hammersmith's 3 year winning streak.
The team consisted of Ann Middleton, Ben Kiely, Craig Wilson (C) Dev Chadha, Dylan Leary, John Young (VC), Pat Phelan, Rob Walsh, Scott Yardely and Sefton Payne.
Prior to our match the other two teams in the group had played and Hayes and Uxbridge A had beat Hammersmith C 11-7.
The match started well with the Renegade cruising to a 7-2 half time lead over Hammersmith C. At that point the wheels fell off and we lost six in a row to trail 8-7 fortunately the team rallied and took the remaining three frames thanks to Pat, Ann & JY. 10-8
In the next match against Hayes & Uxbridge A we got off to a storming start thanks to Dylan, Dev & Sefton taking us to 3-0 and led 7-2 at half time. Having managed to lose that same lead in the previous match we dug in and ground out the next three frames with wins from Dylan, Pat and Sefton. 10-2
We than moved on to the Semi Final against Hammersmith B. The first 6 frames went with break for 3-3, the next 3 went against break which meant we were trailing at half way 4-5. Sefton, Dev and Dylan went on and took the opening 3 frames of the second half to lead 7-5 Hammersmith B took the next but wins from JY, Pat & Rob finished the match for a 10-6 win.
In the final we again took control early and lead at half time by 7-2 again !!! Hammersmith A were trying hard to battle back and shared the next 4 frames for 9-4. Needing just one more frame to win with Scott Yardley and Pat Phelan on the tables both were looking good to take their respective frames, Scotty got there first taking out a superb clearance to win the frame and the match 10-4.
Great performance guys and with the likes of Brad Robinson, Keith Walls, Jon Ford & Videsh Sabharwal to come into the team the outlook looks good for the Interleague's League competition too.

Winter 2012/13 Cup / Plate 6 years 28 weeks ago

The Winter 2012/13 Cup Final was played at Cippenham RBL on 4th April and the result was:

Windsor Ex Wanderers 7 - 2 Racks Pack

Congratulations to Rob Uzzell and his Windsor Ex Wanderers!

The results for the Plate Semi-Finals are as follows:

1. NMCC 2 - 7 Farnham Royal CC
2. True Blues 4 - 7 Cippenham RBL B

Final to be played on Thursday 11th April, at Cippenham RBL, 8pm Start and will be contested by:

Farnham Royal CC v Cippenham RBL B

Ties to be played on 4th April

The results for the Cup Semi-Finals are as follows,

1. Racks Returnees 5 - 7 Windsor Ex Wanderers
2. Sly Blues 6 - 7 Racks Pack

The Final will be played at Cippenham RBL on 4th April, 8pm

The results of the Plate Quarter-Finals are as follows,

1. Racks, Sack & Crack 2 - 7 FRCC
2. True Blues 9 - 3 Pheasant Pluckers
3. Bar H 2 - 7 Cippenham RBL B
4. NMCC 7 - 2 NWCA Trojans

The draws for the Plate Semis will be done shortly.

The results for the second round of the Cup and Plate are as follows:

Cup QF

1) Sly Blues 8-4 Bar H on Cue
2) Racks Pack 7-6 Cippenham RBL
3) Windsor Ex Wanderers 7-0 Swan
4) Racks Stabbers 5-7 Racks Returnees

Plate Last 16

1) NWCA Trojans vs BYE
2) NMCC 9-3 Barley Army
3) FRCC vs BYE
4) Sportsable 1-7 True Blues
5) Pheasant Pluckers vs BYE
6) Bar H w/o Shamrocks
7) Britwell Ex Services (Racks) 0-7 Racks Sack & Crack
8) Chestnuts 3-9 Cippenham RBL B

The next round will be drawn asap.

Round One of the Winter 12/13 Cup draw was played on 29th November 2012

The results are as follows:

1. Racks Sack and Crack 6-7 Cippenham RBL
2. Sly Blues 10-2 The Barley Army
3. Racks Returnees 7-6 NWCA Trojans
4. Swan 7-6 Chestnuts
5. Sportsable 0-12 Windsor Ex Wanderers
6. Racks Stabbers 7-5 True Blues
7. Racks Pack 8-4 Cippenham RBL B
8. Bar H 6-7 Bar H on Cue

First team listed to play at home. 1 Leg to a finish.

RIP - Bobby Simpson 6 years 29 weeks ago

It is with great sadness that I am reporting that on December 26th 2012, Bobby Simpson (aged 32), from the Chestnuts pool team, had an epileptic seizure, which tragically led to his brain simply turning off.

Bobby played an important role in the many successes of the Chestnuts team over the past few years and became known within the team for his tendency to perform brilliant shots at crucial moments, to then follow these up with basic errors. For this variation in excellence the phrase “Bobby! From the sublime to the ridiculous” came to be the tagline to Bobby’s pool performances. He kept us entertained.

Bobby also participated in the singles league and enjoyed his time playing pool tremendously.

Bobby was a beloved member of the Chestnuts pool team for the past 4 years and will be greatly missed.

Bobby is survived by his two young sons Tyler and Mason.

My thoughts and prayers are with his boys at this time.

The cause of Bobby’s epilepsy was somewhat of a mystery to his doctors, so, if you can, please take the time follow the link below and help solve the puzzle for others. Thank you kindly.

John Barnett.

Mick Ferguson Wins Captains Cup 6 years 30 weeks ago

This year’s Captain Cup final was contested between Sly Blues Vice-Captain Mick Ferguson and Racks Pack Captain and three time finalist John Young. Mick had beat Jacquie Vann 3-0, Ben Kiely 4-3 and Scott Vann 3-1 on the way to the final. John Young had beaten James Townsend 3-0, Steve Prior 4-3 and Dean Hardesty 3-1. Mick got off to a flyer with a break and dish in the first frame which has looked unlikely from the position of the balls. In the second was also a quick game JY had an opportunity to go for it first but potted one of Mick balls accidently after potting one of his own, Mick took the chance and cleared. In frame three JY went for it early and took out a nice little clearance. He was left with a Black tight on the cushion about 2 inches right of the middle pocket and no angle for a double into the middle. JY decided to play the black about a quarter ball and double it into the corner he hit it perfectly and the black flew into the corner bag. Unfortunately the white bounce off the cushion hit one of Mick’s balls and deflected into the middle bag. Mick took the match 3-0 and is this year’s Captains Cup Winner.

Berkshire County Trial 6 years 30 weeks ago

Please note that the Berkshire County Trial will take place on 20th January 2013, start time 12noon at Racks, 65-67 High Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1JT. All categories (MEN / LADIES / SENIORS over 50s / JUNIORS) are welcome.

In particular, we are looking for talented Juniors, who want to commit in learning and developing their pool skills to the next level. This is a very exciting opportunity and one not to miss!!! Contact now to register.

County Youth Team – Young players, boys & girls, required. 6 years 34 weeks ago

County Youth Team – Young players, boys & girls, required.

“Simon Wilkinson is taking on the role of Youth Team manager for Berkshire County for the 2013 season and is looking for players who will be under 18 on December 31st 2012 to be considered for the team. Berkshire are looking for players, both boys and girls, who can play and want to improve regardless of current ability. Berkshire play in Region 7 of the English Pool Association and compete against Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent & London.

Berkshire’s aim is to build a squad of 15 players to play in the County, the plan is to develop players through the affiliated leagues of which the Renegade League is but one, and feed them into our County sides for the future.

How you can help is by informing Simon of any players that you think should be encouraged and considered. You can contact Simon on 07712 813326 or by email at and by contacting the Berkshire General Secretary, Dominique Chiu on 07918 628274 or

Presentation Pictures 6 years 35 weeks ago

The Presentation Night Pictures are now available