Pat Phelan and Dylan Leary win their Singles leagues 7 years 11 weeks ago

Tuesday Section 1:

Congratulations to Pat!

Pat Phelan won the Tuesday section 1 league with a 4-3 win over Scott Yardley.
Vikas Sabharwal finished 2nd
Rob Walsh ended 3rd (on the same points and legs for as Scott but Rob beat Scott)

Wednesday Section 1:

Congratulations to Dylan!

Dylan Leary has won the Weds section 1 league with one game to spare, a heavy defeat for Marc Burnett means he can no longer catch Dylan.

Summer League Registration Night - Thursday 26th April - Cippenham RBL @ 8pm 7 years 13 weeks ago

A Reminder that the Summer League Registration Night is Thursday 26th April - Cippenham RBL @ 8pm

£50 entry fee.

Singles League - Wk 6 Fixtures Posted 7 years 14 weeks ago

Singles League - Wk 6 Fixtures Posted:

Congratulations to the Windsor Ex Wanderers for Winning the Cup! 7 years 14 weeks ago

Congratulations to the Windsor Ex Wanderers for Winning the Cup!

Windsor Ex Wanderers beat Sly Blues 7-6 in what turned out to be an epic final, with the second final of the winter season going to a thirteenth play-off frame.

Sly Blues got off to the better start, with Mick Ferguson taking the first frame. Wanderers hit straight back after Brad Robinson took the second frame to level at one each. Sly blues then took firm control of the match, Chris Ayres, Michael Kelly and Chris Kinsella all capitalised on uncharacteristic mistakes from the Wanderers to take a 4-1 lead. The final frame of the first half become even more important for the Wanderers and Daz Wallace played the vital frame and managed to triumph to pull one back, making it 4-2 Sly Blues.

Wanderers skipper Rob Uzzell knew he needed a strong start to the second half and played his two trump cards, Brad Robinson and Scott Yardley. Brad played a tense frame, controlling one corner pocket and playing containing shots, waiting for his chance. His opponent Chris Ayres, played well to get back into the fray and got down to just the black ball left. Brad played a safety to leave Chris with little alternative but to go for a double on the black. The black came agonisingly close to dropping but stayed up and covered the pocket, making one of Brad’s remaining yellows, seemingly safe. Brad stepped up and played a confident double on the safe yellow to pot it and leave himself perfectly on his remaining yellow and he duly cleared up, 4-3 to Sly Blues.

In frame 8, Scott also managed to keep a pocket safe whilst playing containing safeties and after Scott was given two shots, he kept his cool and cleared up a potentially tricky clearance, 4-4 – Game On.

Frame 9 saw a tense affair with some excellent pots from Matt Healy, followed by accurate safety from Alan King. Matt eventually prevailed after pouncing on a mistake, 5-4 Sly blues back in the ascendancy.

The Tenth frame again became crucial for the Wanderers. Daz Wallace was the man for the job again and he kept his cool to secure the frame with some long potting and precise positional play, 5-5.. the tension builds.

Sly Blues go to man Mick Ferguson was up next, the Wanderers go to lady Ann Middleton was up for the challenge. Mick took the initiative early on and was left with only the black on the table, nestled in the top right pocket. Ann had a few blockers which she used with aplomb to keep Mick thinking and considering kamikaze shots to finish it off. Patience paid off for Mick and when he saw his chance to send the white across the table from a snooker to pot the black and he made it.. 6-5, Sly blues are dormie.

So, could the Wanderers skipper Rob Uzzell step up and take it to a decider? He certainly could but not without a helping hand from that harlot, Lady Luck. Both players had a chance to clear up before Rob went his and one ball took a fortunate deflection into the pocket to leave himself a routine clear-up from there. 6-6. Great match!... so far….

The thirteenth and deciding frame lived up to expectation and was a fitting end to the tie.
Scott “the Dogs” Yardley from the Wanderers was pitted against Mick “Fergie” Ferguson from the Sly Blues. Scott broke, took yellows and knocked in a couple of balls and then played safe. Mick came to the table and a bit of a safety exchange ensued. All the balls, apart from one of Mick’s reds, were in and around the black spot, so Mick played a safety off the red in baulk but unfortunately the white slide in-off. If I’m honest the next few shots are all a blur, but I do remember, Scott played a superb 3/4 length pot in the right baulk pocket, which opened up the rest of the his yellows to be despatched, which Scott did with his usual assured touch. A relatively straightforward black awaited, but the final black in a tie-breaker of a final always has added pressure, but with a sure hand, Scott struck the 8 ball home to take victory for the Wanderers.

Well done to both teams for putting on a great spectacle, shame one team had to lose!

National Champion of Champions Ladies Tournament 7 years 15 weeks ago

The Ladies Champion of Champions Qualifier will take place at Racks on Saturday 19th May at 12pm. The doors will open at 11am for practice, and registration will take place at 11:30am. Four places are up for grabs for the Champion of Champions in Yarmouth in November. Entry will be £5 per person.

If you want to participate contact John Young on 07710 254069 or Dean Hardesty on 07801 067522

Renegade Newsletter 8 7 years 16 weeks ago
Congratulations to the Winter League Winners 2011-2012 7 years 17 weeks ago

Congratulations to the Winter League Winners 2011-2012:

Division 1: Cippenham RBL

Division 2: Cippenham RBL B

Division 3: True Blues

Well done on behalf of the committee!

Captains' Reviews:

Division 1 Winners - Cippenham RBL - Captain Ben Kiely:
Congratulations to the Cippenham RBL team on clinching the 1st Division league title after a hard fought battle with the excellent Windsor Wanderers. A gruelling season in which both teams were neck and neck on points all the way through and could only be separated on frames for, was eventually decided in the penultimate game of the season when the two teams met at the Windsor Ex Servicemen's club. Windsor went into the game as favourite's against the defending champions as they only required a draw due to their much superior leg difference thanks to a number of 11-1 wins throughout the season.

Windsor were very quickly 2-0 to the good thanks to wins from Alan & Brad and required only 4 more frames out of the remaining 10 games to get the draw they needed. Cippenham rallied together and took the next 2 frames thanks to Stuart & Videsh to nicely level the match at 2-2 with Dev facing Ben in the 5th frame. Dev has been playing the best pool of his life recently and continued to by taking out a nice break & dish to put Windsor 3-2 up and now only needing 3 frames. Lucky Birdy arrived with the balls set up, put his cue together and proceeded to take a nice finish out against Ann to level the scores up at 3-3.

Brad had to leave at half time due to work - which as an opponent is always a nice sight to see but still, Cippenham had a tough job to secure the 4 frames they needed against a quality Windsor side.

Cippenham got the perfect start, with John exacting revenge on Alan. This was quickly followed by 2 wins from Lucky & Stuart against Dev & Daz Wallace respectively.

Cippenham looked to then have the game in the bag with Videsh at the table with only 1 red & the black ball left. Unusually Videsh took some time over his shot (!), but on this occasion the man who appears to have a stopwatch watch embedded in his brain managed to time foul leaving Windsor an easy black for 6-4! County A team captain Scott then won the next frame without much trouble, leaving the whole season dependant one just 1 frame of pool. The winning player would secure the title for his team. Shaggy was up against Danny Raj - two players who have been around for years and both experienced within the game. A tense match followed, with no one really wanting to go for the match for fear of leaving their opponent an easier clear up, but Danny always had the upper hand with a pocket covered & Shaggy having 2 balls tight to the cushion. After 5 mins or so of containing shots, Danny went for the game and proceeded to pot his last 2 balls & the black in the same pocket to rapturous applause and cheering from the Cippenham players - the league title secured and retained from winning it the previous season. Over the past 2 season's, the teams league record is P 28 W24 D 3 L 1 - which is hugely impressive.

An enjoyable season which was closely fought and congrats must go to Windsor for pushing us to the very last frame - hopefully next year the NMCC can make it even closer with a 3 team battle at the top.

Videsh again won the Winter averages, and all that is left for us now is the Super Cup Final against the winners of the Cup Final (Windsor v Sly Blues).

Squad: Ben Kiely, John Townsend, Steve Townsend, Stuart Townsend, Videsh Sabharwal, Danny Rajput, Lucky Birdy, Suki Bassi, Dean Hardesty & Lee Greenwood.

Division 2 Winners - Cippenham RBL B - Captain Mark Cameron:

Division 3 Winners - True Blues - Captain James Blay:
Our 2nd Winter season in the Renegade League was crowned by the True Blues winning the 3rd div by 2 points having only lost 1 match and drawn 2 others.
Notable achievements, top 4 players in the league on stats were 4th, Ashley Field, 3rd Merion Marmont, 2nd Sean Field and No1 Simon Wilkinson.

We won 103 frames the most in the league and lost 41 the least in the league.

Most hospitable venue and food was Bar H.

Best young players we encountered were Kyle O’Brien (16) Bar H and Ashleigh Chesney (14) Britwell ladies,both need to be encouraged for the future.

We enjoyed playing in the league and making new friends and look forward to the challenge of the 2nd Div next year.

Well done to the lads for getting it done with some strong competition coming to the end but we held our nerves and got the job done

most notable against the 3horseshoes as the title decider coming from 4-2 down in first half and winning 7-5 is a true test of nerves and skill

Team: James Blay, Simon Wilkinson, Sean Field, Ashley Field, Chris Bowgett, Byron Nichol & Meirion Marmont

2nd RBL Cippenham Poker Night - 23rd March 7 years 19 weeks ago

Cippenham RBL , the Renegade League Sponsors, are hosting a Texas Hold’em tournament on Friday March 23rd starting at 8pm. Entry is £10 and you’ll receive 4,000 in chips. Please arrive at 7.30pm.

If you or any of your poker playing friends are interested or require further information, contact Mark Cameron on 07519 274978 or email him on or turn up on the night.

Singles and Doubles Knock-Out Phase 7 years 20 weeks ago

Singles Competition Semi-final Results:

1) John Townsend beat Matt Gates
2) Scott Yardley beat Videsh Sabharwal

Final to be played at this year's Presentation Evening @ Cippenham RBL (date TBC)

Singles Competition Quarter Final Results: -

1) Mick Ferguson 1-4 John Townsend
2) Chris Fawcett 1-4 Scott Yardley
3) Dev Chadha (w/o for Matt) Matt Gates
4) Tom Carter 2-10 Videsh Sabharwal

Doubles Competition Semi-final Draw: ties to be played on 3rd May

1) Marc & Marcia Burnett vs Dean Hardesty & John Townsend @ Cippenham RBL @ 7.30pm
2) Vid Sabharwal & Lucky Birdy vs Brad Robinson & Scott Yardley @ Racks @ 7.30pm

Doubles Competition Quarter Final Results:
1) Marc Burnett & Marcia Burnett 4-0 Sean Field & Ashley Field
2) Daz Wallace & Ann Middleton 3-4 Videsh Sabharwal & Lucky Birdy
3) Dean Hardesty & John Townsend 4-3 Chris Fawcett & Pat Phelan
4) Luke Read & Jez Hill 1-4 Brad Robinson & Scott Yardley

Results Phone Number 7 years 20 weeks ago

Please be aware that the Results phone number is NOT monitored UNTIL Thursday night / Friday morning after the matches. If you have any issues, prior to a match, please use the contacts on the wallcharts:

Div 1:

Div 2:

Div 3:

You will find my number on the Div 2 chart under The Chestnuts.


John Barnett
RPLS&D Results Secretary