RBL Cippenham - Poker Tournement 7 years 24 weeks ago

Cippenham RBL , the Renegade League Sponsors, are hosting a Texas Hold’em tournament on Friday 17th of February starting at 7:30pm. Entry is £10 and you’ll receive 8000 in chips, if you register before 7pm you’ll be given a further 1000 chips.

If you or any of your poker playing friends are interested or require further information, contact Mark Cameron on 07519 274978 or email him on markcameron72@hotmail.com or turn up on the night.

Winter Plate Quarter Final Draw - ties to be played on January 19th 7 years 28 weeks ago

Draw for the Quarter Finals of the Plate is below (ties to be played on 19th Jan<\strong>):

First team named is at Home (1 leg to a finish):

1) Chestnuts v Bye*

2) WAMDSAD v The Lady Haig

3) The Pheasant Pluckers v 3 Lions

4) The Pole Dancers v North Maid CC

*Chestnuts were drawn against Barley Army but Barley Army have been withdrawn for not fulfilling their previous round's fixture.

If you don't know the address/details of your opponents, check the "Important Docs" section of the website, all 3 of the divisional wallcharts are posted there: http://www.renegadepool.co.uk/documents

Cup 1st Rd Draw - ties to be played on 19th Jan 7 years 28 weeks ago

Draw for the 1st Rd proper of the Cup is below (ties to be played on 19th Jan):

First team named is at Home (1 leg to a finish):

1) Sly Blues v Farnham Royal Cricket Club

2) Windsor Ex Wanderers v The Swan (Burnham)

3) Cippenham RBP v NMCC Elite

4) NWCA Trojans v 3 Horseshoes

5) The Barley Bombers v True Blues

6) Britwell Ladies v Cippenham RBL B

7) Shamrocks v Sebastopol Ex Spurts

8) Flags v Bar H

The Plate draw will be done shortly.

Team Cup 1st Prelim Rd Results 7 years 31 weeks ago

The Team Cup draw was done at the AGM last night and the draw is as follows:

1. Bye vs 3 Horseshoes Eton Wick
2. Bye vs Farnham Royal CC
3. Bye vs True Blues
4. Bye vs The Flags
5. Bye vs Cippenham RBL
6. Bye vs Shamrocks
7. Bye vs Britwell Ladies
8. Bye vs Cippenham RBL B
9. The Swan Burnham 7 - 3 WAMDSAD
10. Bar H on Cue 12 - 0 The Barley Army
11. Windsor Ex Wanderers 7 - 5 The Pole Dancers
12. Sebastopol Ex Spurts 8 - 4 The Chestnuts
13. North Maid CC 0 - 12 The NMCC Elite
14. 3 Lions 5 - 7 The Barley Bombers
15. The Lady Haig 3 - 7 Sly Blues
16. NWCA Trojans 6 - 5 Pheasant Pluckers

The matches are ONE LEG with the FIRST TEAM drawn out at HOME

Losing Teams playing in games 9-16 will go into the Plate.

Both Cup and Plate will be redrawn each round.

In Rd 1 of the Cup are: Windsor Ex Wanderers, NMCC Elite, Bar H, NWCA Trojans, Sebastopol x Spurts, Sly Blues, Barley bombers, The Swan, 3 Horseshoes Eton Wick, Farnham Royal CC, True Blues, The Flags, Cippenham RBL, Shamrocks, Britwell Ladies, Cippenham RBL B

In the QF of the Plate are: The Chestnuts, WAMDSAD, NMCC, Pole Dancers, Lady Haig, Barley Army, 3 Lions, Pheasant Pluckers

Games are to be played on the following dates:
Prelim:.... ..15th December 2011
Round 1:....19th January 2012 (Plate QF)
Qtr final:....1st March 2012 (Plate SF)
Semi final:..22nd March 2012 (Plate Final)
Final:.........29th March 2012

Newsletter 5 7 years 36 weeks ago

Find attached the Renegade Newsletter 5

Renegade Presentation Night 2011 7 years 36 weeks ago



Who will be performing a mix of their own tracks and covers of popular hits

RBL Cippenham, Brook Path, Cippenham, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 5EJ

On Saturday 26th November

TICKETS @ £5.00 EACH CALL ROB ON 07939 006147



Captains' Cup Results 7 years 37 weeks ago

The Captains' Cup took place on Thurs November 3rd at Cippenham RBL

Congratulations to Jimmy "Play your natural game" Robinson who triumphed 3-2 in a very close final against John Young.

The outcomes were as follows:
1. Mark Cameron bt Sunil Idnani
2. Bye vs Bye
3. Bye vs Bye

Last 16:
4. Rob Uzzell bt Mark Cameron
5. Jimmy Robinson bt Carl Blackwell
6. Bye vs Bye
7. Tom Carter bt David Davies
8. John Young bt James Blay
9. Jason Hawkins bt John Barnett
10. Baron Staples bt Bye
11. Keith Hance bt Seamus Connor

Qtr Finals:
12. Jimmy Robinson bt Rob Uzzell
13. Tom Carter bt Bye
14. John Young bt Jason Hawkins
15. Baron Staples bt Keith Hance

Semi Final:
16. Jimmy Robinson bt Tom Carter
17. John Young bt Baron Staples

18. Jimmy Robinson 3-2 John Young

Report results correctly 7 years 37 weeks ago

Hello Captains,

There have been many instances of texts and/or results cards not being delivered or not being filled in properly so far in the Winter League.

I just wanted to reiterate what we expect from you as captains with regards to reporting results.

1) TEXT the result of the match to 07795364668 - WITHIN 24 HRS of the match completion – even if the other team doesn’t turn up.
2) Send the RESULT CARD to either: John Barnett, 3, Gilmore Close, Slough, Berks, SL3 7BD or email a copy to results@renegadepool.co.uk – this MUST be done WITHIN 7 DAYS of the match.
3) DO NOT give your card to the opposition to send in – it’s the responsibility of EACH captain to report the result.
Now some housekeeping on filling out the cards properly, please do the following:

1) Write in BLOCK CAPITALS and legibly
2) BOTH Captains to Sign both cards at the bottom
3) Put the Team’s initials in the space provided in the bottom right corner (not your initials)
4) Please put First and Surnames of each player on the card
5) EACH player that plays must at least sign next to the first match they play, on BOTH teams’ cards.
6) If a player wins in one visit i.e. breaks and dishes or dishes from the opponent’s break, please note this in the Match Comments section on the back of the card.

Also - If you have fewer than 6 players, positions 6 and 12 must be left blank, then 5 and 11 then it's a void game as you need 4 or more to play.

Thanks for your cooperation – bear in mind this is all so that we can run a fair and smooth league for you – We need the cards to work out the player averages and to confirm that both sides are telling the same story of the match.


John Barnett

RPLS&D Results Secretary.

Renegade Newsletter 4 7 years 40 weeks ago

Find attached the Renegade Newsletter 4

Start Date - Information Update 7 years 44 weeks ago

Just to let you all know that we will be looking to start the new Singles League Season at some point early in the New Year.

Due to venue constraints and increased interest we regret we have been unable to get the leagues going again this year and with Christmas coming up, it makes more sense to start fresh in the new year.

Watch this space for more information!