PLEASE - Remember to report your results in a prompt manner.

by TEXT to the phone number on the back of the results card, within 24 hrs of the completion of the match (ie Midnight Friday).

and send the CARD, either by POST or EMAIL to the addresses on the back of the card, within 7 days of the match (ie the following Thursday)

an MMS with a picture of the card satisfies both criteria, but must be received within 24 hrs to comply with the first rule.

if your EMAIL of the card is received within 24hrs, we will accept that as meeting both criteria too - basically if you email or MMS the picture of the card within 24hrs you don't need to Text too, but we have to have THE RESULT COMMUNICATED WITHIN 24 HRS.

If anyone fails to report results correctly from now on (June 6, 2014), sanctions will be handed out in accordance with Rule 5 ii) and Rule 5 iii) of the General Rules: