Winter 2018/19 Cup


Cup qtr final draw - 18th apr 19 - dirst team drawn at home

1. The Swan v 7 Ballers

2. NMCC v Hairy old racks

3. Irish nomads v Wanderers

4. The chicken ranch v cippenham barley

Plate qtr final - 18th apr - first team drawn at home

1. Bar H v The Chestnuts

2. Bye v The Barelycum

3. New windsor social v Vic A

4. Barley army v Vic B

1st Round Draw: 17th Jan - one leg to a finish, home team drawn first - loser goes into plate

1. Bar H v The Swan
2. Chestnuts v 7 Ballers
3. Rising sun v NMCC
4. Hairy old racks v The Barelycum
5. Irish Nomads v New windsor social club
6. Vic A v Wanderers c/o CRBL
7. Barley Army v The Chicken Ranch
8. Cippenham Barley v Vic B